As individuals or as a company, we all have the responsibility in making this a better community. Whether through financial support or through our time and efforts, we try to give back whenever we can. These are just a few programs we are proud to support.

Training and Development Program

We developed a partnership with the Renton School District Adult Transition Program in 2007. This is an inspiring program that helps mentally and physically challenged students enter into the work force by acclimating them to the work environment and task completion. The Adult Transition Program brings 2 to 4 employees to our plant several days per week to sort wire hangers into useable and non-useable quantities; a task that had previously slowed down our processes. By tapping into our community resources, we were able to find a solution that created a win-win for everyone.

Community and Non Profit Recruiting

We also support the community through our recruiting and hiring efforts. Working directly with non-profit organizations such as World Relief, ReWA, and Refugee Federation Service Center, we provide entry level job opportunities to refugees as they transition to their new life in the U.S. This not only provides the financial support they need but a way to assimilate to the new culture, learning a new way of life, communication, and sense of belonging.

Skills Training

We also partner with Trac Associates to provide skills training to individuals qualifying under Community Jobs Initiative. The opportunity provides hands-on training and practical work experience, which allow them a better chance to compete in the job market.

Community Involvement

We are proud to support Northwest Harvest in their goal to provide food to the needy as well as Renton Community Foundation in their philanthropy efforts.


To support their limited budgets, we often provide products to non-profit organizations, schools, and local community groups for their charity or fundraising events. Here are just a few examples of organizations we have supported:

  • Bailey Boushay House
  • City of Renton
  • Communities & Schools
  • Evergreen Classic Foundation
  • Horizon House
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Lindbergh High School
  • Little Bit Theraputic Riding Center
  • Renton Chamber of Commerce
  • Renton Community Foundation
  • Renton High School
  • Renton Historical Museum
  • Salvation Army
  • University Prep