MediCleanse is one of the first healthcare laundries worldwide to earn TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Healthcare designation. TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification recognizes companies commitment to cleanliness through third-party, quantified biological testing and inspection. TRSA’s Hygienically Clean programs focus on outcomes, certifying products not processes, verifying your clean textiles meet appropriate hygienic standards and best management practices.

To be certified, laundries must conduct microbiological testing in addition to documenting cleaning and housekeeping practices in accordance with specifications by government agencies (OSHA, CDC, CMS) and private-sector groups (such as AORN).

Infection control directors and hospital administrators are increasingly looking to their healthcare laundry providers for evidence that the textiles they receive are pristine, observed Joseph Ricci, TRSA President and CEO. Although certification is not a government requirement, TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare helps satisfy customers that they receive a consistent supply of clean linen.

Inspection for best practices alone does not accomplish this. “The International Standards Organization (ISO) emphatically states that certifications of processes do not reflect product quality. Only if a product itself is subjected to a certification standard can the product label or package be embellished with a certification conformity mark. Thus, a laundered product cannot be considered hygienically clean if only the laundering process is certified,” Ricci explained.