Have Real Conversations With Each Other.

iconGet to know each other as individuals.
iconFind out Team Members’ unique qualities and interests.

Make Sure Everyone Feels Valued, Respected And Safe At Work.


Live In Appreciation & Celebration. Show Appreciation. Say Thank You.

iconRecognize and celebrate a job well done.
iconCelebrate incremental steps on the way to success.

Encourage One Another To Build Each Other Up.

Relevance/Meaning/Impact of Everyone’s Job:

Why Is My Job Important?

iconWhat difference do I make?
iconWho am I helping?
iconHow am I helping?

We Need You!


Listen – Everyone’s Opinion Matters.

iconCreate a safe environment for input, new ideas, questions, partnering and discussion.
iconRemove obstacles to success by listening.

YES (You Expect Success.)

iconEncourage each other’s development using supportive feedback.

Measure (How Am I Doing?)

iconMake sure everyone knows what is expected of them.
iconProvide measures Team Members can directly influence.
iconProvide measures to allow everyone to gauge their level of contribution.

Empowerment & Responsibility.

iconEmpower Team Members by shifting appropriate responsibility so everyone feels ownership of the work.