At MediCleanse, the safety and well-being of your staff and our team members is our number one priority. With that philosophy in mind, we designed a program that not only follows OSHA (29 CFR 1910.1030) standards (see our program) on Bloodborne Pathogens but is above and beyond compliance. In addition, Medicleanse partners with you in support of JCAHO‘s Environment of Care initiative and has received TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification.

Importantly, MediCleanse has been inspected and accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Coucil (HLAC). This insures MediClease is meeting the highest standards for processing healthcare textiles in the industry.

Our Exposure Control Plan includes the following critical elements:

  • Risk Evaluation and Exposure Determination
  • Methods of Compliance
    • We practice Universal Precautions where all human blood and body fluids are treated as if infectious with HIV, HBV, HCV and other bloodborne pathogens and should be handled with utmost care and caution.
    • Our engineering controls include leak resistant laundry bags to eliminate exposure incident during pick up and transport at your locations.
    • Our work practice controls include detailed procedures in handling, bagging, and labeling of soil laundry as well as separation of soil and clean products to minimize exposure and alleviate cross contamination.
    • We provide Mandatory Personal Protective Equipment to include gloves, barrier coats, gowns, and safety glasses as well as optional face masks for all at risk team members.
    • We follow proper housekeeping procedures through thorough cleaning and decontamination of work surfaces.
  • HBV (Hepatitis B) Vaccination offered to All team members
  • Post-Exposure and Follow-up Procedures
  • Communication and Training of BBP Hazards to Team members
  • Recordkeeping of medical files and training