Thorough. Precise. Dependable. With MediCleanse dental laundry services, you can worry less about your dental apparel and focus more on your practice.

MediCleanse offers unmatched quality laundry services specifically designed for the needs of dental offices. With quality service and customer satisfaction at the core of our dental  laundry services, you can rest easy knowing your dental office apparel is clean and safe.

Unparalleled Commitment to Your Safety

We care about your safety and the health of your patients. That is why we have protective measures in place and go above and beyond to ensure the safest laundry practices.

All of our items are processed in a sanitary facility and use EPA-approved disinfectants to ensure optimum cleanliness. Our items and our facility have also rightfully earned the elusive Hygienically Clean certification to ensure safety. These safety points can come only from a laundry facility that knows, understands, and practices safety befitting medical and dental facilities.

Quality Dental Laundry Service and More

MediCleanse understands that it takes more than safety and hygiene to truly deliver satisfying service. With our lengthy industry experience and firsthand knowledge of hygienic practices, service with us is comfortable and pleasant. We know what it takes to handle medical linens and apparel for healthcare facilities. That reliability, experience, and professionalism can be at your call. 

Our laundry services are enhanced with state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality, precision, and comprehensive assistance. Better technology and experienced professionalism works to alleviate your cost and inventory-management needs. 

As is essential to all customer-centered services, we go out of our way to be there for you. All your needs and concerns can be quickly addressed through our Rapid Response Customer Service Hotline and 24/7 Emergency Service, all accessible via telephone, fax, or email. For well-rounded, complete dental laundry service that satisfies, work with MediCleanse!

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